The best packing list for round the world motorbike trips



  • Garmin GPS System with openstreat maps, USB and 12 Volt cable and the right plug
  • Alcohol tester (was required in France)
  • reflective clothing (required in in France)
  • reflective helmed (required in France)
  • trunks (underpants can be used insted. T-shirts can be used as a towl.)
  • jerrycan (old oil cans for free can be used insted. These you get for free everywere. Jerrycans are illegal in Ungarn and Greece)
  • Chlor tablets (and old bottles to carry water)
  • Knife and fork.
  • Carnet de Passage + insurance + driving license (international)
  • 2x new CDI (for transalp)
  • CE helmed (required in Italy) + large lock
  • Nationality sticker
  • Tires

    • Flight tickets
    • FTP password for internet blog
    • Student card
    • Money + Kreditcard + US$ cache.
    • Second walled for thieves
    • Green insurance card
    • Handy + simcard + charger + money (dangerous as written here )
    • vaccination (Yellow fever, polio + diphterie + tetanus, hepatitis, rabies)
    • needle and thread
    • Mini alarm system
    • Camera + videocamera + akkus + charger + USB cabel + memory card + USB card reader or ssd hard drive
    • action cam
    • Linux Life CD for internet caffees
    • alternativ Netbook with SSD drive, charger + adapter plug
    • Maps (Michelin 741, 745, 746 &
    • GPS Wegpunkte von Botschaften, Camping places. No heavy books.
    • Tools to maintain the chain + greece
    • clutch leaver + break leaver + oil filter + break pads
    • clutch cable, wheal bearings, stearing bearing
    • long trousers / functional underwear




    • Lariam bzw. Coartem (Malaria) Aspirin, pain killer, diarrhea, plasters, clean injection needles

    On my trip i missed:


    Many people make the mistake to by a lot of expensive stuff as soon as they decide to travel into a third world country, but that's nonsense. Traveling isn't much different as to ride to work every day. In fact to ride to work is even more dangerous. The roads in "Western" country's are much better so people speed much more. On the way to work etc. people are also more in a hurry so you need all the protection stuff there but in Africa you should not look too fancy otherwise one will be treated like money on legs, robbed and the officials try to get more bribes...
    There are two groups of people in the world:

    The biggest group believes everything they hear without thinking about it, allows the government to cut there rights because of "terrorism" (even in Germany there was no terrorism at all), measures distances in the size of "socer fields" and invests its money in insurances. The biggest adventure in there life is to buy a coffee at Mc Donalds which comes with a warning: "Careful: Hot".

    The second group uses there head to think about the reason why politics say something and give people in Africa etc. a chance before they say they are dangerous. This way they find out that sometimes people in Africa are more happy and friendly then we are in our modern money world...


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